Brockport Smiles: Committed to the Kendall Community

Tue, Apr 16th, 2019

Dr. Thaney and the staff at Brockport Smiles are always on the lookout for ways to give back. As a part of our continued effort to provide support to our community, recently two of our hygienists, Christina and Tiffany took a trip to Kendall Elementary. For the past four years, Brockport Smiles has looked to this event with the students at Kendall as a highlight of the year. This year was no different.

So much of a child's health is influenced in the home and with good habits. To promote good dental health for our young ones, we try to come to their level and explain things in a way they can enjoy and understand. Christina and Tiffany loved talking to the kids about the emotions of a tooth.

Happy Teeth Not Sad Teeth

The kindergartners learned how good food choices make our teeth happy, but bad food choices make our teeth sad. We also gave them a few more tools to have happy teeth! Each student received a goodie bag with a toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste. To keep things fun for them, we also included a fun little treat!

One of the highlights of our annual visit to Kendall Elementary is the ‘how to be a hygienist’ game! Christina and Tiffany brought gloves and masks for the kids to try on! There were definitely a lot of laughs watching them tussle with the gloves and masks.

Brockport Smiles is so grateful for the support the teachers and staff at Kendall have provided these past four years. They make the event a success. We aimed to end our visit with a room full of happy smiles, and it sure looked like the mission was accomplished.

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